Hudson Mohawke / Butter / Rising 5

Been waiting a long time to spring this one, and seeing as Fact and Fader have been given the go ahead, I figure I’m alowed to too.

Hudson Mohawke’s new album is called ‘Butter’ and will be released October 12. Here’s a tracklisting

1. Shower Melody

2. Gluetooth

3. Joy Fantastic ft. Daysoul

4. 3.30

5. Trykk

6. Fruit Touch

7. ZOo00OOm

8. Acoustic Lady

9. Rising 5

10. Twistclip Loop

11. Just Decided ft. Oliver Daysoul

12. No One Could Ever

13. Velvet Peel

14. Tell Me What You Want From Me ft. Dam-Funk

15. FUSE

16. Star Crackout

17. Allhot ft. Nadsroic

18. Black N Red

Having heard the album plenty of times now, I can honestly say it’s one of the freshest collections of tracks that I’ve ever come across. There’s so much going on in every track and it’s all done with a sense of humour and incredible ability.

My favourite track by far is ‘Rising 5’ and Fader magazine have just got and posted it on their blog



via The Fader


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