Four Mixes For Free

I’ve got such a massive back-log of stuff to post and it seems like I’m getting less and less time to turn it out. So, here’s a mega-post of four mixes which have been getting me all excited over the past week or so…

Nosaj Thing & D-Styles for Low End Theory

Low End Theory,, Brainfeeder, Fact Magazine are all podcasts which you should be subscribed to if you know what’s good for you. So if you haven’t heard this mix already you should just get on iTunes and subscribe away. But, incase you’re not that way inclined, here’s a direct link to the MP3. I remember D-Styles from back in the day on his message board and his album ‘Phantazmagorea’; an all-scratch album beaten only by Ricci Rucker & Mike Boo’s ‘Scetchbook”. Nosaj Thing’s recent release ‘Drift’ is killing it at the moment too. This mix is crammed with slung-back ominous head-nodding that’ll keep you wondering what the names of all those amazing tracks are…

Bok Bok for LuckyMe

Anything LuckyMe touches turns to gold, so it’s unsurprising that when they start fooling around with DJ/producer Bok Bok that we’re in for a fun ride.


Kyle Hall for Fact Magazine

When I did an image search for his name I got some shots of a football player and some gay porn. If there was any real method to how Google does what it does then surely this kid would be number 1 on every search because he’s so damn talented. Hailed as a Detroit-house prodigy, this 18 year old has gained the respect of some of the biggest names in the genre. This mix would sound fantastic at 3am in a sweaty basement club or at 3pm in the garden with a beer. More summer please.

Fact Magazine have an interview with Kyle and are hosting the mix for the next 3 weeks or so.

Simbad for Brainfeeder

I don’t really know much about Simbad. I know he’s from London. This mix for Brainfeeder grafts hip-hop, house and techno all together along with a big helping of synths to give a spacey sounding blend which seems to define the Brainfeeder sound.



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