It’s been too long since I last posted.

I’ll make up for it now.

First of all, over the past few days I’ve heard two tracks which I can’t get enough of, but annoyingly can’t listen to outside of iPlayer and MySpace.

Another disciple of the ‘purple sound’ pouring out of Bristol, Silkie makes deep, soulful dubstep. ‘The Horizon’ is beautiful and sounds like something from a futuristic Streets Of Rage soundtrack. This tune will be on his new album ‘City Limits Vol 1’ coming in June on Mala’s Deep Medi label. Last week’s Mary Anne Hobbs show is the only place I can find it at the moment, and that’s only got a couple of days left on it before it expires. The show is a great one, but do yourself a favour and fast forward to the 16min mark. (Then again, Kito’s ‘LFO’ is the first track played and it’s also a winner)

*edit* Mary Anne’s new show has replaced it now…

Floating Points, property of Eglo and Planet Mu, played a couple of sets with his live band this past weekend in London. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to either. It’s more unfortunate that I can’t get his track ‘K&G Beat’ out of my head since hearing it at work the other day. It’ll be released on Planet Mu July 6th (so far away!), but until then I’ll just have to keep his MySpace page open.


found the Floating Points track on his Soundcloud


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