Guilty Pleasures #2

Alongside my usual intake of Benji B and Mary Anne Hobbs, I like to spend my time listening to the other radio shows lurking around on BBC iPlayer. Sarah Love holds down the hip-hop pretty well, and DJ Q gives you four hours of bassline every week. If I’m in the mood I’ll check out G Child’s R&B show because there’s always something on there that’ll surprise me. In amongst all the day-to-day filler there’s always a guilty pleasure to be found. For the past couple of weeks, Ray J’s “Sexy Ladies” has caught my attention. The lyrics are pretty unimaginative, but there’s a certain throwback feel to the production and the melody that I can’t shake off. The video’s got a real 90s vibe to it which, for a song so brash, is surprisingly subtle. Give it a few listens and let it sink in.

On the subject of the 90s, I’ve spent most of today listening to New Jack Swing. If you’ve been sleeping on it, then hit up my Spotify playlist. Oh yeah, it’s a collaborative one too, so if you want to add tracks then go ahead.

Here’s R Kelly’s ‘She’s Got That Vibe’ to get you in the mood. Much love goes to for being better than YouTube for music vids.

If a Ray J video and a New Jack Swing playlist isn’t enough to kill this blog outright, then this next track will be. T-Pain and Lil’ Kim have a new track called ‘Download’. It’s pretty unremarkable, but it samples ‘Computer Love’ by Zapp & Roger. Fuck it, here’s the original performed live by Zapp & Roger (before they started shooting), if you want the the second rate Lil’ Kim track then go find it yourself.


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