London to the West Coast

London’s slowly working itself towards summer and now it seems like those every-day activities are just that little bit better. A walk to work in the morning or sitting in the pub on a Saturday afternoon become something special just because of the sun. And it’s not just me; everyone everywhere seems happier.

Which is how I image L.A. must feel like. All the time.

I think it’s also why so much great music comes from the sunnier part of the West coast. Two producers I’m really feeling at the Moment are B. Bravo and Afta-1. Actually, this whole post is flawed because Afta-1 was born in California and now lives in (4-foot-of-snow) New York, and B. Bravo is from San-Franciso which has all four seasons, unlike the perpetually sunny L.A. Still, there’s a slight connection, and it’ a good enough excuse to write a post about these two talented musicians.


B. Bravo brings West coast G-funk right up to date and his music has so much lean that I can’t help but feel like I’m in L.A. every time I hear it. I haven’t managed to get my hands on his newly released “Analog Starship EP” yet, but his MySpace gets a lot of attention from me.

Afta-1 pushes deep, soulful hip-hop instrumentals with intelligent sampling and neck-snapping drums, all the while employing that lo-fi synth sound that we all love so much. His ‘Aftathoughts Vol. 1’ is an essential purchase, with 11 tracks that will see you all the way through the Summer months and beyond.

Here are some tracks from the two and I hope there are many, many more to come.

B. Bravo – Midnite

Afta-1 – Honey Dip


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