DâM-Funk X Stussy Mix

With the US leg of the Stones Throw 2009 tour on it’s second day, Stussy brings you a mix from L.A. funk-doctor DâM-Funk. As it says on the site, “All selections were ‘mixed live’ via the ‘original wax pressings’ by DâM-FunK (no mp3 files or wax re-issues were used)”. Werd

DâM-Funk X Stussy Mix


1. AURRA – “Like I Like It” (Inst. Vers.) ~ 1985

2. NITE JEWEL – “Let’s Go (The Two Of Us Together)” ~ 2008

3. A CERTAIN RATIO – “Hot Knights” ~ 1982

4. DâM-FunK – “Gold” ~ 2008

5. PAULINHO Da COSTA – “Deja Vu” ~ 1979

6. PARADISE – “Back Together” ~ 1983

7. MAKOTO MATSUSHITA – “Lazy Night” ~ 1981

8. POINT 3FM – “Picks Me Up (Your love)” ~ 1987

9. THE LIMIT – “Destiny” ~ 1985

10. DEL RICHARDSON – “Rainbows” ~ 1983

11. SYLVIA STRIPLIN – “Keep Pushing” ~ 1982

12. DYNASTY – “Lock On Love” ~ 1986


2 Responses to “DâM-Funk X Stussy Mix”

  1. any chance of reposting stussy dam funk mix?

    • sorry, can’t seem to find it online and I don’t have it on my computer anymore. there’s plenty more of his mixes knocking around tho. if you live in London be sure to get down to Gramaphone tomorrow night to catch Dam DJing as part of Deviation’s 2nd birthday party

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