Jay $tay Paid

On June 2nd another posthumous release from J-Dilla will be unleashed on the public by Nature Sounds and I’m not complaining at all. Everyone knows that Dilla is one of the best hip-hop producers of all time (Stones Throw don’t let us forget) and the more of his beats that see the light of day the better. I was slightly disappointed with the last release of Dilla beats; his little brother Illa J’s album was brought down by his lack of lyrical skill (go out and get the instrumental version of that album), but this one looks like it should be a winner. 25 tracks mixed by Pete Rock and featuring Black Thought, DOOM, Raekwon, Blu, Havoc and Illa J (blerg) on vocals. Oh, and it’s going to be called “Jay $tay Paid”.

Courtesy of Okayplayer, here’s a track from the album with Black Thought taking the mic.

“Reality Check”

*can’t get the audioplayer to work*


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