Room Mist

LuckyMe are about to release ‘Room Mist’, the product of collaboration between female vocalist/rapper Nadsroic and head-fuck production king Hudson Mohawke.

This is exactly what I’ve been hoping for. I love Hudson’s remixes of vocal tracks and the few that he’s done with emcees, so any original tracks with a vocalist are sure to be pure heat. The 6 track EP will be released on May 11th. There’s a chance that Rubadub will have it before other people, but I might have just made that up.

1.Room Mist

2.All Hot


4.Step Back


6.Step Back Instr.

(I stole the audio from


One Response to “Room Mist”

  1. Kitten Princess Says:

    Your blog gets me hot. Meow.

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