Ryan Leslie: What recession?

It’s been a bit of a day for ‘guilty pleasures’. Only, this next track doesn’t really come under than banner because there’s nothing to feel guilty about.Even though it is a bit on the ‘charty’ side.

Ryan Leslie.

Although his production style is a little too clean, you can’t argue that his tracks have bump. If you missed it, his video for ‘How It Was Supposed To Be’ was a crazy, self-indulgent, 1950s military opus that probably won’t be beat for a while. The album version of the track was a heavy hitter too, although I don’t think his album did as well as he’d hoped.

Still, Leslie, Fabolous (maybe there is something to feel guilty about) and Keri Hilson are about to drop ‘Your Baby’, and in true Leslie fashion he’s filmed the making of the track. Once again, someone has beaten me to it in the world of the talk-box. But, he doesn’t really do very much with it so I’ll let it slide. This time.

Bring on the summer.

And if you thought that the world was going to shit, just watch how Keri throws all that money around. What we don’t see is Fabolous scrabbling round on the floor to pick it up.


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