Let’s Take Off

This morning I got hold of the new 12 inch by Dam-Funk and it’s everything I hoped it would be. This weekend I went back to visit my parents out in the countryside. Living in London, I’d forgotten how much I love driving. Country roads, sunset, windows down and Dam-Funk’s “Rhythm Trax” bumping in the stereo. It was like being on the West Coast (or Outrun). But instead I was in Shropshire.

Of the four tracks “Hood Pass Intact” is my favourite so far. Benji B has been rinsing “Killdat” for at least 6 months now and it still hasn’t lost it’s magic.

And that cover! The smoke, the lighting, the pose. Damn. It looks like how the future looked in 1985

1. Let’s Take Off

2. LAtrifying

3. Killdat aka Killdatmuthafucka

4. Hood Pass Intact


2 Responses to “Let’s Take Off”

  1. I haven’t heard of him so you made me curious. I listened some of his songs. It’s not bad by now.

  2. ogr8nwise1 Says:

    For those who haven’t heard of this Dude, just know that he’s HOTTT!!!! His roots include EVER-THANG that has to do with FUNK, period…..!!!! Listening to what else is out there, it’s a NICE breathe of Fresh Air hearing someone who definitely KNOWS what Ol’ School means when it comes to blending Funk and Boogie into the tracks he produces….. His weekly set at Carbon, in La-La Land, is a show in itself, and an opportunity to check out a true Master at his Game…. Hey Man, nice work!!! And, I’m not surprised!!!


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