Guilty Pleasures #1

My musical guilty pleasures usually take the form of RnB tracks. Glitzy production and million dollar vocal hooks make me feel all fuzzy inside.

Recently, a few of tracks from The Dream’s second album “Love vs. Money” have been making me all swoony. A while back I heard I Luv Your Girl from his first album and I was sold. “Rockin’ That Shit”, “Mr. Yeah” and “Kelly’s 12 Play” are all doing it for me right now, with the last one being an ode to another favourite of mine, R Kelly’s “12 Play” album. Not so long ago Benji B played the “Rockin’ That Shit” instrumental on his show and I heard Rustie drop it into his set when he made a surprise appearance at the Polyfolk Dance launch party.

Checking the 1xtra RnB chart this morning I came across this by Ciara. It’s called “Rattla”. Sounds like it belongs a Fast and Furious movie soundtrack. *Zooooooooooooooom* *Screeeeech* *Car noooooooooise*

*because the PRS and YouTube are a bunch of chumps I wouldn’t know if this has a real video or not*


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