Every now and again someone who you don’t know will start following you on Twitter through nothing other than shameless self promotion. It’s not like they care what I overheard on the bus or what’s in my sandwich or whatever. But, whenever it happens I always like to hope that it’s someone really cool who I’ll actually have an interest in.

Today I got an e-mail saying that Ameliah Ideh was follwing my Twitter. Turns out that she runs a blog called Put Me On It. “Big deal” I thought. “I’ve got a blog and no-one reads that.”


Third post from the top? She tells me that MADLIB IS COMING TO LONDON!!!

So, Ameliah, I owe you. Big time. Thanks. I’ve gotta get on those tickets cause they’ll sell out fast for sure.

Just noticed that she’s been twittering OlivierDaySoul – make sure you check out his tracks Galactic Wifey and Spaceship – they’ve been stuck in my head for the past month or so. I think he collabed on a track called Bopgunn with Hudson Mohawke too. FIRE


2 Responses to “MADLIB”

  1. I just found this post! Did you see the Madlib gig? Keep in touch!

    • yeah, saw the madlib gig, it was a great night. j-rocc was the highlight tho. i’ve kind-of been in touch already; on the PMOI list and im fleasandkeys on twitter. take it easy!

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